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"L'Oreal" cosmetics

L'Oreal (L'Oreal) - is a world famous and one of the biggest companies involved in cosmetics. Central office is located in France, the Paris suburb of Clichy. L'Oreal has been active in the field of cosmetics, with an emphasis on cosmetics for hair and skin, hair dyes, cosmetics with sun protection, color cosmetics and perfumery. In addition, L'Oreal is engaged in development in the pharmaceutical and dermatological fields. Trademarks are distributed in different areas of the market of perfumery and cosmetics - a professional line, mass-market, luxury and drugstore cosmetics. Therefore, any man can be found in the L'Oreal cosmetics everything he needed. But to stop there is not going to L'Oreal! For existing cosmetic lines that cosmetics giant is going to add one more - Ayurvedic funds. Address: France, 75008 Paris, Rue Royale 14.

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