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Lancome Paris

Firm "Lancome" (France), founded in 1935 by Armand Petizhanom, specializing in the production of spirits. At Russia's firm represents the market perfumes for men and women, wide range of different cosmetic products for skin care: skin cleansing, better complexion, anti-aging, products for makeup, cosmetics and so on cosmetics produced in the main series. Lankome - offers his vision of fashion make-up surrounded by a halo of mystery, offering a vintage color combinations, and new textures, consisting of muted shades of lilac and blue-green and shades of pink and burgundy. Tarnish colors offset by glittering textures of lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow and blush. Eyeshadows & quotColor Focus "by Lancome play a subtle play of light-reflecting micro-sparkles in tones of gray and purple. Lipstick & quotJuicy Rouge "from Lancome charms icy plum or pink with a satin finish. Fresh, cheerful shades of lipstick have a subtle fruity flavor. Lipstick is packaged with the effect of the hologram, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow - a real fashion accessory. Cream eye shadow long-acting & quotColor Dose Yeux "from Lancome contain waterproof shadows in shades ranging from transparent, natural beige to dramatic blue or lilac. Address: France, 75001 Paris, Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore 29.

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