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Personal site of the guitarist Francis Goya

Francis Goya (Francis Weyer) born of musician parents in the city of Liege (Belgium). He receives his first guitar at the age of 13 and takes guitar lessons over a one year period to become a true auto dictate. At the age of 16, he forms his first rock band with his brother and a few friends, "The Jivaros". In 1970, Francis is taken on by a professional soul band, "The J.J.Band", With whom he tours Europe and Africa. Their second album is produced by Brian Bennet (The Shadows) for CBS International in London. Thanks to all this he becomes a studio guitarist, accompanying various artists on the international scene, Demis Roussos, Three Degrees, Barry White, Vicky Leandros. In 1975, a solo artists is born, Francis Weyer becomes Francis Goya. Everything speeds up with the recording of his first single "Nostalgia"."Nostalgia" goes straight to the top of the charts, number one in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Norway and Brazil. Followed, one after the other, by gold and platinum disc in Europe, Asia and South America, "Nostalgia" overcome all language barriers and shall speed him over all the continents of the world and become his guide for the rest of his career. Address: Paiste 14, 11620 Tallinn, Estonia.

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