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The Moscow Hands' Theatre

The Moscow Hands' Theatre offers to You an information for a possible cooperation in future. This theatre has been working since 1990 and is well known among people in Russia and several other countries. This is the only theatre in Moscow showing programme "Fantasy" based on plastic movements of hands and music, that's why there is no language barrier at all. Both children and the elders enjoy the theatre's shows with great interest. Duration of the perfomance is approximatelly 45 minutes. Also the Hands' Theatre represent puppet music show "From Petrushka to Matreshka". The show contain puppets different systems and live russian national instruments. The version of show represent on the English, but we can showing it on any language. Duration of the perfomance is approximatelly 40 minutes. The theatre's staff consists of 3 persons, all of them are highly educated people in the field of art. Small amount of theatre properties enables to arrange shows quickly practically on any stage, including a place in a street. We would be grateful if our guest performances will be included in the programme of your festival. Should you have any interest or need more details, please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to reply all your questions. Address: 117624 Russia, Moscow, Scobelevskaya st., h.25.

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