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International Moscow Ski Salon

"Moscow Ski Salon" - is a complex event, which will be conferences, seminars, presentations, competitions, etc. This is not just an exhibition, but also a bright show. Atmosphere Ski Salon memorable, and if you only think about how to get back on downhill skiing or snowboarding or take a trip into the mountains, then visit the Ski Salon, you will never be indifferent to a culture of active winter sports and recreation. At the exhibition, the 14 th Ski Salon "as widely as possible highlight the main industry sector of the winter sports and active leisure - tour operators, hotels, offices, tourism, vocational training, about the construction and operation of ski resorts (combined in a separate section of the exhibition - Ski Build Expo: Ski engineering), which gives a more complete picture of the industry. Address: Russia, Moscow, st. Akademika Koroleva, 13, entrance 5, of.13.

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