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Company "ACS". Design and create highly technological equipment

Our company "ACS, Ltd" ("Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd ") was established in 1991 in order to provide a base for scientific research in the acoustic testing field and also for creating competing equipment for nondestructive testing of various materials. The priority of the company is to design and create highly technological equipment, for professional users. Aiming to reach the devices htop technicla characteristics, we at the same time try to make them as easy to setup and use as possible and keep the prices on them low. We have more than 20 years experience in th field and combined with using classical and new methods of processing radio signals, moderm technological cycles and only the best of the parts available on market this leads to reaching those contradictory requirements. Since its establishment "ACS" ha proven itself to be a manufacturer of high quality and modern devices for manual ultrsonic control, and also as a company of profesionals, ready to solve tasks of exceptional difficulty. This fact can be confirmed not only by wide spreading of our devices on our native market but also by its presence on European and American markets. Address: Russia, Moscow, Usacheva St, 35a.

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