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Company "Anton Ohlert". Packaging equipment

From the moment of its origin Anton Ohlert company had been engaged exclusively in trading with Russia (from 1953 to 1991 – with the Soviet Union), since 1991 – with CIS countries & Baltic states. Irrespective of bound intervals caused by the First & Second World wars the company successfully participates in the trading activity guided by 135 years of experience & spiritual kinship both with German & Russian traditions & roots. This is just the basis for the consolidating imperative of thinking & tactics of the company seeing its goal not in the momentary benefit but in its liabilities to people, the development of mutually beneficial relations, further advance towards the economical progress. Time passed by, the company priorities had undergone changes. If in 1871 the company founder used to travel all over Russia by horse-drawn sleighs buying raw materials & selling household goods within the period between two World wars the company was engaged in trading steel. Increased rates of the Soviet economic growth after the second World war stipulated a new turning point in the company economical strategy. Now the centre of gravity shifted towards export of machines, complex process lines & deliveries of “turn key” fully complete plants. The team of highly skilled company engineers focused its efforts on the development of the latest technologies adapted to production facilities available by that time in the Soviet Union. There could hardly by found another company which managed to materialize its potential of specific knowledge & experience (in the area of geographic, climatic, technical, sociological & other aspects producing an effect on the production process) in designing & implementation of its activities just as successful as this was done by Anton Ohlert experts each having a vast long-term experience of operation in the republics of ex- Soviet Union. Address: Russia, Moscow, 1st Shchipkovsky per. 20.

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