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Company "OST-Stankoprom". Manufacturing equipment for production of metal decor

The Foreign Enterprise "OST-Stankoprom" was founded in 2003 for the purpose of manufacturing equipment for production of metal decor that meets the highest quality standards. "OST-Stankoprom" – is a fast growing enterprise which is a part of the Industrial Group "OST", one of the largest producers of metal decor and construction metal structures in Europe and the CIS. The team of "OST-Stankoprom" has adopted the "OST" company’s long experience in implementation of new technologies in production of metal decor, up-to-date highly cost-effective equipment of the world best manufacturers. In 2007 the enterprise "OST-Stankoprom" switched to serial production of equipment. For the most part, it was caused by the rapid rise in rates and volumes of construction, increased interest in the use of decorative metal items and structures in architecture and construction. The organizational structure of the enterprise provides a complete production cycle – from developing design documentation for the output equipment, creation and improvement of means of production before manufacturing and selling the output. Experienced specialists in metal working – engineers, technologists, production workers – are involved in the implementation of a project. Address: Belarus, Vitebsk.

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