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The Budget and Treasury Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Today the Academy is a Federal HEI that is financed from the state budget. The RF Government issued a resolution to found the Intersectoral Bank and Financial Institution Officer Advanced Training Institute at the Ministry of Finance in 1988. The Institute then was reorganized and the Advanced Financial Training Institute was formed. The Budget and Treasury Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (ABIK) was formed as per the RF Government Resolution in 1996 (Resolution No. 1151-p of 18 July 1996). The Academy became successor to the above Financial Institute. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is the Academy founder. The Academy Charter is approved by the Minister of Finance. The Academy is an entity that acts as a research center and does the research for the Ministry. It is an institution that operates under a license issued by the RF Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (License No. 10396). A state accreditation agency issued an appropriate certificate to the institution that gives the right to the Academy to render educational services within the Russian higher education system (Certificate No. 1206). Postal address: Maly Zlatoustinsky Pereulok, dom 7, stroyeniye 1, Moscow, Russia, 101990.

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