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Company “Technomedimport”. Measuring equipment

Our company "Technomedimport" was founded in 2001 by holding "TRIMM-Medicina" as Representation Company. However except for representation functions, we are engaged the supplying of Russian hospitals with medical equipment produced by leading world companies, and also for training experts in the newest methods of diagnostics and treatment. Nowadays we represent interests in Russia and have a direct credit line of such companies as Maico Diagnostic GmbH (Germany), Dantschke Medizintechnik GmbH (Germany), ВАNLDELIN Elektonic GmbH, TERUMO (Japan), Stephan Medizintechnik GmbH (Germany), Fukuda Denshi (Japan) etc. We carry out delivery, installation and after-sales service. According to the world standards only certificated engineers are allowed to carry out the installation and warranty service. Therefore all of our engineers have passed training in companies and have appropriate certificates. Besides we carry out training procedures in working with the equipment of these companies, seminars on various methods of diagnostics and treatment etc. Our company experts annually visit international exhibitions, such as MEDICA, Dusseldorf. This year we are going to visit Analytica Trade Fair in Munich, Germany. Address: box 128, build 1a, 23, Novaya Basmannaya street, Moscow, Russia.

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