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How to add a site and sign up for BCM.RU

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How to add a site and sign up for BCM.RU

To add a web resource directory BCM.RU (Service) and service management, User needs to register at

Регистрация пользователя на BCM.RU

To register the user is prompted to fill out the form located on the page

When you register in the directory BCM.RU User must provide the following login information:

  • e-mail address;
  • password;
  • Name of the user;
  • Legal entity (if necessary);
  • Regional "bind" user by default;
  • information to restore or change the account.

In addition to the above information, the user indicates information on whether it is a natural person or a representative of the legal person, as well as the optional personal data. After registration the User given a unique registration user account - e-mail address and password.

When registering user agrees to the Rules and assume specified in the last rights and responsibilities associated with the use of the Service.

After sending the information to the user specified electronic mailbox will be sent an email containing a link to activate your account.

Adding a site to catalog BCM.RU

To add a site and gain access to the personal cabinet of the user must authenticate at (Login), enter your login (e-mail), password and reference code.

If authorization is successful, user gets access to personal study, which provides the ability to manage the Personal Information, links, services, and personal accounts.

To add (register) resources directory BCM.RU user must click on the link "Add link".

When registering user resources must provide the following login information:

  • address of a resource on the Internet (URL title page or Resources);
  • resource Name;
  • resource description;
  • category (thematic section / subsection) directory for resource allocation;
  • resource type;
  • sector resource economics;
  • regional "anchor" of the resource;
Title, description, and the Resources section in the catalog BCM.RU must comply with the content of the resource.

In the name of the resource is prohibited excessive use of capital letters and non-standard characters, unconditional rules of Russian or English.

After registration user resources is assigned a unique registration number - the account of the resource.

Service directory allows the user to register the same resource or its various sections several times in different subsections of the Catalog and / or regions. In this case NOT use the same names for copies of Resources for the correct perception of a list of links visitors. In the name of the resource should be used qualifying phrases (for example, specify the region or sub-themes).

For greater efficiency in resource addition is recommended to specify fully regional "anchor" of the resource up to the locality / area.

Additional information is available in the Rules of Service at