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How to set the parameters for selecting sites

How to set the parameters for selecting sites

In addition to the normal maximum categorize structured by topic (Poster, Home, Entertainment, Sports, etc.), directory BCM.RU distinguishes all of its sites by the type of information contained therein (the Internet-shop, forum, publications, etc.) and belonging to a sector of the economy (public, commercial, non-profit), as well as on a regional basis.

Catalog BCM.RU can find your site, narrowing your search by selecting the desired section (subsection), region, type of site and sector of the economy. For these purposes, provided the block limiting choice options.

To install the required limits to choose from a drop-down lists desired installation "Countries", "Region", "District" and "City" and "Link type", "Economic branch" sites, "Site language" reaffirming his pressing "Choose".

Note that the choice of "Region" is available only after selecting "Countries". The same mechanism was provided, and to select the "District" and "City".

To change the control parameters necessary to make changes in the required fields and confirm their power by pressing the "Choose".

To remove all the restrictions you can use the "Reset" button.